On July 11 we witnessed the “changing of the guard” as Lisa Abbott takes over the reigns of our club from Ron Wainwright.  The video below shows everyone that helped Ron throughout the year.  Thanks Ron!


A Tribute to Ron Wainwright

“Everytime I see Ron he ALWAYS loves to compliment me and give me a hug–and says how much he loves that I am a Rotarian!  ~ He has always made me feel like our Rotary is a part of my family!   Love You Ron!!”  –Sonja Enfinger

Fantastic leadership!” –George Lewis

“I want to thank you Ron, for greeting me at my first meeting at the GHRC and introducing me to the club and members in the Rotary tradition.  A genuine Rotarianand true Christian man who represent all the qualities & virtues of both!”  –Roy Long

“I can never tell any of my jokes at Rotary because they would all fail what I call the ‘Ron Test!’  Oops!” –Mick Hager

“Ron Wainwright  is a consistently very good person always professional, precise and proper.  He starts our meeting with a greeting to all the GHRC Rotarians- “the very best”    My memory of him as president is that he is the very best!” –Jay Billings

“I appreciate Ron for accepting the role and responsibility of President. It’s not an easy job but he fulfilled it well especially injecting humor to warm up the membership at the start of each meeting. Additionally, Ron introduced the idea of meetings away from RFCU when we had several meetings at the Ledges. Well done Ron, and thanks for your being willing to serve.”  –Jack Simon

“Ron has been Mr. Reliable!  Not only as President, but also as Treasurer for years before.  His dedication to Rotary is shown in his many years of service.  Thank you, Ron, for being there for all of us!” –Melissa Belt

“Ron Wainwright is a delightful President.  He implemented the funny stories and increased our Membership by encouraging all of us to bring a guest.” –Gary Andrew

“What really attracted me about Ron was his open heart and kindness!  He was using vulnerability as a strength and was making jokes about his forgetfulness in a very nice and humble manner.  It’s a rare benevolent human quality.  I’m hopeful more Rotarians noticed and learned to adopt that precious strength from Ron!” –Jenny Jucevicute

Air Force Colonel (not Army!, retired) becomes RCGH president!!!!
I worked at SMDC years ago when he was the Air Force Liason.

‘My only regret is that I was only Club Treasurer for 13 years!’ RW

He loved it and grew our pot of money greatly. Thanks!!!” –Rodger Qualls

“Ron we appreciate your hard work and dedication to the rotary club as President and Treasurer. We know you put in a lot of time and effort to make our rotary club the best club in the district, and we like to say Thank You and God Bless You.” –Roy Currie

“After years of service to Rotary as our Club Treasurer, I was thrilled to see Ron’s name on the ballot for President-Elect and then President of our club. He has been so generous with his time and talents to make Greater Huntsville Rotary Club stronger in club membership, civic leadership and community service. Ron has put “Service Above Self” to leave a legacy of leadership, dedication and support of GHRC, Rotary International and the ideals for which we stand. Thank you Ron for a job well done!” –Cheryl Smith

“Ron insisted that his route to the RFCU was the quickest, yet if we departed the same location at the same time I would always arrive 5 minutes ahead of him!”  –Morgan Jellett