RCGH Peace Corps Map Project Coordination 2018


  • RCGH: Morgan Jellett, Billy Warner, Rodger Qualls, Jenny Juceviciute and Rudy Chavez
  • Oakwood University: Dr. Ashley and + 4 students


  • Meetings: 20DEC17 at Jackqui’s office and 3JAN18 at Dr. Ashley’s office
  • Tools: Peace Corps Map Project Manual and Lessons Learned from the 2016 Map Project
  • Meetings: in January and February at Billy’s office
  • Discussions: 5-Ws and HOW!

5 Ws – Peace Corps Mapping Project

  • WHAT: initiate a Peace Corps Map Project (RCGH & Oakwood UN)
  • WHERE: Holy Family Elementary School: Dr. Libby Parker is the Principal
  • WHO: 2 Fifth Grade Classes
  • WHEN: ~February – May 2018
  • WHY: To interact with students and present information about the world…draw and paint a world map on a 4’X8’ sheet of ply wood
  • HOW: use lessons learned from the “Oakwood-Rotary Club 2016 Map Project” at ASFL
  • Received several donations for materiel…ply wood, paint, tools, logos and supplies

 Project Schedule

  • Continent Spotlight/Country Introduction

Instructors: Sanelivi Fitiao and Rodolfo Chavez

Presenters & helpers: Steve Gordon, Four Oakwood UN students, Rodger Qualls and Jenny Juceviciute, Mrs. Arleta McCall, Mrs. Rachale Wilson, Taylor Cartwright, Charese Mathews  and Rio

  • Presenter’s Spotlight On Specific Country
  • Tracing and Coloring Map
  • Final Presentation
Introduction to the Map Project
Trace and paint.
Trace and paint.
Jenny presents information from Lithuania.
Certificate and gift.
Mother and son.