Rotary for Young People?

What is the value of younger people joining Rotary?  There are so many good reasons to join a club whose mission is to serve others.

Let me share just a few of them:

The wonderful thing about serving others is “getting beyond yourself” and discovering the incredible contribution you can make to others.  And you know what?  It doesn’t necessarily take a lot to have a big impact.

With Rotary, you have a chance to learn some incredible things from some very successful people.  Many of our members are (or have been) business and military leaders—they have a wealth of experience and wisdom and want to share it with you!

You have a chance to help people across the globe.  The Greater Huntsville Rotary Club provides support and educational materials to a number of school children in Uganda.  These kids wouln’t have the opportunities they have if not for our support.  And you know what?  We love doing it!