Steve Raby is the president of Huntsville Direct Communication’s, which specializes in public relations, economic development, management of local issues and strategic counseling.

Raby was born in Huntsville and grew up in Harvest, where he still has a home on his family farm.  He attended Sparkman High in Madison County.  He graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Agricultural Economics, and MS in Economics.

Married his high school sweetheart, Denise Cole, in 1982.  In December, they will celebrate their 36rd   wedding anniversary. A native of the Huntsville area, Raby attended public schools, and graduated from Auburn University with a BS and a Masters of Science in Economics.  Steve and Denise, have two sons, Nathan serving in County Archives and another son Keenan serving in the U.S Army.

Raby joined Senator Howell Heflin in 1984 as a legislative assistant.  In that role he worked closely with the Senator on Agriculture, Rural Development, and Alabama’s River System.  In 1987 Raby became Administrative Assistant/Chief of Staff.  He served as his campaign manager, as well.  Raby remained with the Senator until his retirement in 1997.  He returned to Alabama and joined North Alabama-based Direct Communications while continuing his public service as Chairman of the governor’s task force on Military Affairs.

Raby and his firm have consulted in over a hundred political races.

Raby is active in community service, including the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Valley Corridor, The Association of US Army, and The Veteran’s Memorial Foundation.